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Why It Pays to Build A Secondary Income In Your Spare Time

Claire Hartman-James posted in MyAdvertisingPays (positiveminds)

Claire Hartman-James 14 December 21:47


Mr H, Devlin Hartman is still unfit to work next week, although this is a bummer for him and a tad frustrating, costing us £1000 every week he recovers plus private physio it is not the end of the world.


Because of MAPS.

If this had happened last year, we would literally be in the sh*t financially, and struggling already with the bills and mortgage, not to mention the stress involved…

I’m beyond grateful, not only do I earn enough now in literally 2 days or less to cover his whole weeks money, we are able to spend quality time together, get him treated privately, go away for a luxury no expense spared weekend, treat ourselves to gifts, re invest in my businesses online and know this is just the start…

You cannot however put a price on your health. Do not take life for granted, be prepared now, so if life’s throws you an obstacle your ready to climb and not fall.

Stop getting ready to get ready and take inspired action for change. There’s no guarantee in life cept death and taxes, so when a life changing opportunity comes your way go grab it by the short n curlies and work like your life depends on it.

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