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The Four Levels of Entrepreneurs

wantrepreneurLevel One – Wantrepreneur

Always got lots of ideas, but never takes action. Never gets anything off the ground, but that’s ok because they have a new and better idea lined up. We are all entrepreneurs at heart, but school teaches us not to be. This is where most people end their entrepreneurial thoughts.


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5 Surprising Stats About Entrepreneurs’ Health

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Do business owners lead healthier lives than the typical office worker? Here are the stats–you be the judge.

A doctor and an entrepreneur walk into a… gym?

It sounds like the set-up to a bad joke, but according to the most recent Gallup Well-Being Index physicians and business owners are among the people most likely to exercise. Here are five other interesting facts about entrepreneurs from the Gallup Index. Continue Reading →


How to Make a Decision

yesnomaybeMaking a decision when faced with life’s dilemma is never easy. It could overwhelm and paralyze you from taking action, thus making the situation worse. This is like throwing a ball of tangled yarn at you and the more you try to unravel it, the more it seems to get knotted and snarled. When faced with the problem of decision-making, here is an effective way to work around the mess in your head.

Calm down and analyze the dilemma you are facing. Asking yourself the following questions will help you untie the knots of the situation: Continue Reading →


How to Avoid Panic

panicPanic is a strong and sudden sensation that dominates or prevents reason and logical thinking. It causes overwhelming anxiety and agitation to its victim. Panic is infectious. It easily spreads and influences other people nearby. At work, panic sets in when things get out of hand, usually as result of multitasking. Continue Reading →