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Michael Hayes posted in Maps Syndication Group

11 August 10:21

Hello it’s Michael Hayes
Introducing you to My Advertising Pays MAPS It has only been operating worldwide for eight months and has a membership of 51000 members the growth is fantastic it is online advertising a concept you already know about through Facebook,Google,and many other social network groups where advertisers pay to be in these networks.
MAPS Is the latest phenomenon to hit the internet and it will be a huge success !
For More Info please click on !

Michael Hayes

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Rock music drummer Tom Pfiffner on My Advertising Pays

This is a very inspiring story of a rock music drummer Tom Pfiffner from Switzerland, who has performed with hundreds of big name bands, over a thousand concerts, and mixed with the likes of Elton John. At the My Advertising Pays presentation in London, on Saturday 5th July 2014, he flew over from Switzerland to tell his story! Awesome!

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