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Seven Months Highlights From Using My Advertising Pays As A Lead Source

Frank E Calabro Jr posted in Addicted To – My Advertising Pays

Frank E Calabro Jr 13 October 10:07
Update: October 13th 2014

Over the course of the last 7+ months I have been able to take my online business to a whole new level. Every single component of my portfolio is firing on all cylinders. My daily sales revenue fluctuates but it is pretty normal to generate between 1-7k per day. Every bit of this success is directly or indirectly related to My Advertising Pays.

Some of the highlights from using Maps as a lead source:

[] #1 –

Maps helped me to build my list during the last 7 months by 6,000+ subscribers. Now some might think this is no big deal but I would not trade 1 maps email contact for 100 emails from cold traffic sources.

[] #2 –

In addition to being a TOP 5 producer here in Maps I have personally sponsored 224 people into another online business solely from maps traffic. This was done in less than 4 months. I have earned 10’s of thousands of dollars from this company.

[] #3 –

My subscriber base in an affiliate offer that I heavily promote has gone up by 350%. The affiliate checks that I get from this company cover 100% of my living expenses. This was done 100% from Maps traffic. The only place I advertise this offer is on the Maps traffic exchange.

[] #4 –

I have a BIG ticket offer that I promote on Maps and have made 19 sales in 3 weeks time. I’m averaging a sale about every other day. The commission checks vary from $320 – $ 5120. Once again 100% from Maps traffic. The only place I advertise this offer is on the Maps traffic exchange.

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A business Owner Get Excited About My Advertising Pays Promoting His Business

Richad Mead posted in MAP Official Group

Richad Mead 3 October 08:35
So Today –

Simple – focus 100% introducing new people to this MASSIVE opportunity!
I handed out some flyers on my way home from School run yesterday morning, just 50…..took me 20 minutes ….2 hours later from that flyer I sat in a meeting yesterday on a trading estate in Leigh On Sea, the boss of a mail order company selling amazing vintage and shabby chic looking ‘new’ furniture ‘ Mad Dogs & Englishmen’ said to me – so your telling me…..

I sign up, pay a $1000 and get 11,000 hits on my website? right?
YES I said
& over a period of time if I look at your 10 ads a day you’ll pay me back ALL my wonga +20%
YES I said
& you guys won’t ask me to pay you commission from anything I sell?
& If i tell my friends and they join… you’ll give me 10% of what they spend on those pack thingies
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Proof of Sales Made Using the Traffic From The My Advertising Pays Platform

James Godin posted in [James Godin] Daily Success with MyAdvertisingPays

James Godin 1 October 15:23
Great way to start off my day, and a great way to kick off October!
(Results not typical. Your results may vary. My results come from a combination of my products, systems, MAPs, hard work, dedication, patience, persistence, and a strong commitment to reaching my goals)
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Here’s Just A Sample Of The Benefits Of Having A My Advertising Pays Business

Richad Mead posted in MAP Official Group

Richad Mead 1 October 17:36
Sometimes its easy to forget what we have here!

Daily Profit Share for less than 10 minutes work !
Daily revenue from Sales created by our credits and banners!
Daily income from those that we have sponsored!
…and the satisfaction of knowing that DAILY our businesses are increasing in size! anyone thats not excited by this needs to consider the doctors
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Here’s Proof You Can Make and Withdraw Money From Your My Advertising Pays Business

Beverly Mapper posted in MAP Official Group

Beverly Mapper 30 September 13:51
Here we go friends: **fabulous Month 2 withdrawal** today of $4,800 (£2,964) after repurchasing 155 Credit Packs during the month to maintain at the 1200 maximum pack level. Every single day is a significant step forward towards us all living the dream, and as members of the amazing MAPs family, lets continue to work hard together to achieve global advertising domination and eradicate the injustice of poverty. (Results not typical buy achievable).
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“Can You Really Make Money With MAPs If You’re Short On Time”? Yes You Can!

Ray Smith posted in Addicted To – My Advertising Pays

Ray Smith 22 September 00:36
Can you really make money with MAPS ?.

What is the “secret” to earning money with MAPS?

Can you really earn money without sponsoring hundreds of people?

Surely you must have to sell like in affilate programs to earn money?

Well the simple and truthfully answer is YES you can make money with maps without having to do any of the things in the questions above.!!!

You see I used to like you feel that the way to making money on the internet was a high risk huge time consuming and hit and miss way of earning a real income!!

I felt that like many of you that having to learn how to do SEO,PPC, build and design websites drive traffic to my site and hopefully get sales or , join affilate programs and then try to promote to family ,friends ,strangers and next doors cat in desperation was not for me.

I finally found there is a way to earn extra money or a very good living or even if it is your real serious desire or dream to become
wealthy, which anyone can do from any device with internet access with MAPS.
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