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Mike-DeeseThis is a proud moment for me! Our very FIRST member has reached the Ultimate in MAP; 1200 Credit Packs! Allow me to Officially give my sincerest CONGRATULATIONS and warm welcome to a one: Mr. Simon Stepsys – MAP’s Exclusive Ultimate 1200 Club

And he accomplished this in a STAGGERING 9 1/2 weeks! Simon knows how to get it done and is an inspiration to MAP and its membership.

Simon joined MAP on December 16th, just three days after we launched. On that day, I must have received 5 calls saying ‘Simon Stepsys just came onboard MAP!’ with great enthusiasm. ‘Watch MAP fly now’ they said. But for me, I hold little weight to something until i see action for myself. But I remember receiving an email from him shortly after he joined and his words still stick with me. To paraphrase him, he said ‘I WILL be your Top Earner, and I WILL be your Top Affiliate’. He said it with such confidence that it struck me. I remember thinking to myself; either this guy is a beast and knows it, or is completely out of his mind haha. Well, it turns out it was the former.

You see, Simon didn’t get there with just money. I think Simon purchased about $1500 worth of Credit Packs to begin with and immediately started advertising everything all his programs on the Traffic Exchange with his purchased credits. For a little while, that’s almost all you would see there. Surf 10 of Simon’s sites and you were done LOL.

You wanna know how Simon did it? DEDICATION to the cause and by taking MASSIVE action. Simon knows a good thing when he sees it and spreads the news like a sickness, because he wants others to experience this success too. He works tirelessly from the wee hours of the morning to late at night. I have spoken with him at all hours of the morning and night because I too am dedicated to the cause, and each time he was working his program.

Folks, you don’t have to promote like Simon does, you don’t have to drink the same tea or send out the same emails. But what you cant get away from if you want that type of success is this; Dedicate yourself and take massive action.

Simon, from the Corporate Office of My Advertising Pays LLC.; We thank you for your exceptional efforts, and for inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. As our first 1200 member, accept this virtual handshake from the CEO of MAP as a JOB EXCEPTIONALLY DONE friend and we welcome you to MAP’s Exclusive Ultimate 1200 Club.

Now we humbly ask you sir; WITHDRAW your earnings already! :)

Its not all about reaching 1200. We encourage everyone to withdraw along the way and make a better life for yourselves. Get where you are happy and share your success. Its why I created MAP. To help those that were ready for change and to put an end to the days of scam programs that run with your money like thieves in the night.

Simon is the first, but won’t be the last. This will become a common occurrence. However I thought it important to showcase that it IS in fact attainable, so long as you put in the effort.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!

Mike-Deese-Sig MyAdvertisingPays

Frank Calabro Jr.

What more could I say about Simon Stepsys that has not already been said?

The man has an infectious positive attitude that spreads across the globe. I first seen Simon online when I was starting to cross over from my traditional brick and mortar business to the internet in 2010. This guy had the most essential ingredient that I look for in a leader, confidence!

Fast Forward to March of 2014 and one of my best friends, a 7 figure earner I might add asked me to review My Advertising Pays. We were in the early stages of looking for a traffic source that we could tie together with an emerging opportunity. My attitude toward MAPS was negative and I’m being very kind here with my words. I figured I would tear Maps to pieces in 2 days and then throw it into the garbage can.

I reached out to Simon Stepsys and he educated, informed and introduced me to Michael Deese. I had some tough questions about compliance, business structure, server technology and security. These gentlemen over delivered and after 3 weeks of due diligence I was kicking myself for wasting time! (We had to be sure because we have a massive global audience that we partner with).

Signing up with Simon was a no brainer! The man walks the walk and talks the talk. A true master at the art of perception. Pay attention to the fine details and take notes … Simon is the genuine article!

Simon I’m proud and humbled to work with you hand in hand. Your leadership style is best described as unstoppable passion taking massive action! Your energy is a positive force in the world and in the online business community.

Keep Doing what you do … continue being Simon Stepsys!