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Your Most Important Questions About My Advertising Pays and The Answers!

What Is the My Advertising Pays Money Making Opportunity?

Why Us?


In essence, My Advertising Pays or (MAPs) for short is a business that has placed itself at the fore front of the massive wave that is the Online paid Advertising Industry, an industry that currently commands a global value of around $500 Billion Dollars. It was created by the owner Mike Dees with a number of objectives that includes long term sustainability and helping YOU build an income online without the issues that sometimes hinder building a successful online business, or without any of the risks associated with businesses with poor sustainability records.

MAPs is intended to withstand the test of time, and dynamically adjust to the constant changes of the online business world. Where many other businesses have failed, MAPs continues to grow successfully due in the main to its genius mathematical model which drives the success of its online paid advertising business, and ensures that it will continue to thrive and do so for years to come.

I can promise you with 100% conviction that you have never seen an opportunity to build a sustainable income online like the one you are considering right now with MAP. I encourage you to examine this article entirely so as to ascertain for yourself exactly what MAPs has in store for you, and why it truly does pay to be the MAP!

Who Is MAPs For?

The MAPs platform can be used in number of ways to benefit YOU and build cash in your bank account.

As an Example:

You can choose to participate in the purchasing of ‘advertising (credit) packs’ which cost $49.99 and hold a value of 550 advertising credits that can be used to gain Advertising Impressions within the MAPs advertising network. This is useful and beneficial should you want to generate more online traffic to your website, accumulate more leads, and ultimately make more sales.

Uniquely, the MAPs model is structured so that each credit pack you purchase will grow to $60 over time allowing you to recover your initial advertising budget and earn a $10 profit in return, a good deal if you ask me, as it means free advertising, a return on investment and money in your pocket, a huge win/win indeed!

Therefore, MAPs is for:

1. Every person who wants to drive more online traffic to their existing business(s) using the paid online advertising model.

2. Every person looking to source advertising for their business, allows for the recovery of their advertising spend, and creates additional value and injects profits back in the business in the form of more sales. Remember every credit pack you purchase yields a healthy $10 profit!

3. Every person who wants to have another stream of income. Even if you don’t have an existing business, you can still purchase the credit packs, click a 10 adverts each day, and earn $60 on every $49.99 credit pack you purchase!

How does MAPS work?


How it works if you are a business owner:

If you are a business owner, open the MAPs website and follow the simple sign on process to open an account (it’s free to do so). After opening an account, login and purchase as many credit packs as you want to start with, you can start with one, and 1,200 is the maximum number of credit packs you can purchase.

Each credit pack cost $49.99, this gives you 550 advertising credits to use on the MAPs adverting platform to drive traffic to a website or landing page of your choice.

Next setup an advertising campaign. There are tutorials for this, and it’s all very simple to do. Basically, it is as simple as choosing a title for your advertising, typing a short description of two to three sentences for it, and including the link that will direct visitors to the website or landing page you want them to see when they click on your advertisement.

Once your advertising campaign is created, and you submit it, your advertisement (campaign is live), the traffic starts to flow to it almost immediately, the result – search visitors (buyers) see your offer, you convert them into leads, and more buyers purchase your product(s) and /or service(s).

Now that your adverting campaign is running, as mentioned above, the MAPs model allows you to recover your advertising spend and return a profit from the credit packs you purchased.

If you’re wondering how this might happen, I’m glad you are and I’m about to tell you! This is exceptional and it involves a simple process! To recover your $49.99 and watch your credit pack grows to $60 giving you a $10 profit per credit pack you own…

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, you:

Click on 10 adverts per day in the traffic exchange. You will get access to this exchange when you sign up. This simple process should take no longer than ten minutes per day to complete.

How it works if you are not a business owner, but you simply want to build another income stream and to make more money:

Open the MAPs website and follow the simple sign on process to open an account (it’s free to do so). After opening an account, login and purchase as many credit packs as you want to start with, you can start with one, and 1,200 is the maximum number of credit packs you can purchase.

Click your 10 adverts per day and then sit back and watch your credit packs mature over time grow to $60 giving you a $10 profit per credit pack you own…How awesome is that?!

How is MAPs Business Model Sustainable?

Unlike other similar businesses, the MAPs program is structured such that the payout is the percentage of incoming funds directed to the MAPs reserve fund, and this fund increases or decreases based on the volume of revenue the site accumulated and distributes to members at any given point in time. There is no set percentage of what a member will earn daily, but if 2% has been paid within a day, profit share will begin to decrease systematically and incrementally for the remainder of that day with the additional funds being added to the MAPs reserve fund for future payouts. Hence the dramatic ups and downs that have destroyed competitors are eliminated! MAPs is organised and structured to provide you with long term profits, its foundation is sustainable.

MAPs core product is the advertising / credit packs that it sells, with each one selling for $49.99. Profit for each one is capped at $60. In addition, 5% of all earnings a member makes are placed into an advertising fund in their own personal account. This can be used to purchase advertising products on the MAPs website such as vacation days, banner advertisement and to auto-re-purchase with the exception of credit packs. Its purpose is to support advertisers to lower their advertising costs and stimulate product purchases on the site. MAPs has a well thought out structure, built with the assistance of engineers and mathematicians that ensures the stability of the system well into the future without having to rely on new member signups. This concept is truly gratifying for all members!

As you can see, all proper steps have been taken, and precautions have been made to ensure that MAPs members are always paid, and paid forever.

So, you can feel confident, that when you conduct business with MAPs, you are doing business with a trustworthy and secure company whose mission and vision are strong enough and big enough to sustain the growth of your business for many years down the to come.

What Products / Services Can Be Promoted With MAPs?

You can promote and get quality traffic to any offer / business of your choice.

The following however are restricted:

  • High Yield Investment Program’s or any other illegal investment schemes as defined by United States law.
  • Illegal Pyramid Schemes as defined by United States law.
  • Material Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • Hate / Violence Sites
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Illegal Downloads/Warez
  • Pornography or Sexually Themed Sites
  • Gambling
  • Scams of any sort

As long as your business, offer, products, and / or services is not under one of the above prohibited categories, you are 100% in the clear and can begin promoting any time from now!

How Many Different Adverts Can I Run with Each Credit Pack Purchased?

You can run as many adverts as you want!

Be it that you want to run adverts to multiple offers, or run multiple adverts for the same offer for split testing, you can do it all with MAPs.

When you purchase a credit pack for $49.99, you also get given 550 advertising credits, which you can allocate to your adverts any which way you choose.

You can assign all 550 credits to one advertisement, or you can allocate the credits between say 10 different adverts, it’s your business, and so the choice is yours!

What Types Of Advertising Is Available With MAPs?

Currently on offer are three types of adverts:

1. Banner Adverts

2. Text Adverts, and

3. Pop-Under Adverts

MAPs is guaranteed to evolve as time progresses, and in doing so, it will command a larger advertising network with more dynamic options to choose from.

Currently traffic as provided click through rates is as high as 33.33% for some of its members, and it’s always looking for ways to improve the quality of our advertising for all our members.

An exceptional benefit of advertising with MAPs is that as well as the higher than average click through rates, it also offers higher than average recovery of your advertising budget.

Industry averages suggest that 3 out of every 10 of your online advertising campaigns will be successful, while 7 out of every 10 will fail.

What this means is that, while you are testing out your skills with Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), Pay Per View adverting (PPV), and Solo Advertising, users end up losing a LOT of money to big corporate advertising companies, while getting very mediocre results.

The concept has been flipped on its head by MAPs, so that 100% of their members who advertise with it get 100% of their advertising budget back plus a healthy profit in return!

Aside from the various ways MAPs displays your adverts, the unique type of advertising program offered is unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

If I Don’t Have My Own Business Can Still Make Money With MAPs?

Most definitely YES! You don’t need to be a business owner to earn with MAPs.

Yes, while MAPs does offer a way for business owners to generate website traffic, leads, and sales revenue they need for their businesses, it was implicitly designed with the specific purpose of helping ordinary people like you and I create an extraordinary online income using a program that is as simple as 1, 2, and 3 to operate!

Making money with MAPs, even if you’re not a business owner, is as simple as:

1. Sign up for free and purchase credit packs

2. Click 10 adverts a day, and

3. Get Paid!

Those that choose to build a really big income stream are encouraged to repurchase more credit packs using the profits you earn from the program.

There is a cap of 1,200 credit packs per account, and the more credit packs you own, the more money you will be paid, and you get paid every twenty minutes, up to 72 times DAILY!

Why Do I Have To Keep Re-purchasing Credit Packs?

Well, as it’s your own business, you operate it the way you choose within the boundaries of the rules and policies, and so technically, you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to.

You could just create a free account and share the benefits of being part of the online advertising community. You wouldn’t make any money as you only share in the profits once you purchase credit packs, but you would learn a lot about how the online paid advertising business and the industry operates.

If you do purchase credit packs however, you have to continually re-purchase because the way the program works is such that once a $49.99 credit pack matures over time into $60 in value, it will expire at that time.

Once the credit pack expires, it stops paying you from the profit share. Therefore, if you stopped purchasing credit packs, eventually your daily earnings from the profit share would taper off to nothing.

Advertising Revenue is the back bone of the industry and it’s no different for MAPs. The more advertising revenue that MAPs generates, the more each of your credit packs is worth during each of the 72 daily payouts.

The value of the credit packs do go up and down based upon the volume of advertising packages being purchased. That concept is to be lauded because MAPs is a business that operates on the basis of the highest business ethics and products sales, and not on people signing up or being referred.

If your motivation is to make money, what you need to do is buy as many credit packs as you can afford right now, click your 10 adverts (takes less than ten minutes to do) per day, re-purchase and continue to buy more credit packs until you reach the maximum of 1,200. You will also need to buy as appropriate as the credit packs expire after reaching $60 in value.

Is There A MAPs Referral Program, and How Does It Work?

The Founder of MAPs Mike Dees has a 100% cast iron believe in the business model he has created, and so he believes passionately in members sharing it with their friends, families, businesses, colleagues, acquaintances etc!

Although MAPs sustainability is based on the sale of its advertising products, just like many other successful businesses, if offers a generous commission structure that rewards its members when they refer someone to the business. This benefits the referee and benefits the business.

The highest commission is a standard 10% for a prime time member. Simply, it means that when you make a referral, they join for free, and if they go on to purchase any of the advertising products, you get rewarded generously by being get paid 10% of all their purchases daily, and for life

There are further opportunities for you to increase your 10% commission to 18%. This you will learn more about this in your personal account back office after you join for free today.

Who Has Succeeded With MAP?

ourclients-oursucc Anyone and everyone who takes action, see my blog’s testimonial page for proof of ordinary people like you and me, from all walks of life who have made a success of this.

That is a bold statement that also happens to be true. Don’t take my word for it; check it out, visit the MAPs website, and the Facebook page.

Everyone who has purchased a credit pack for $49.99 and has clicked their 10 adverts per day to qualify for profit sharing has made a profit. That is unique to MAPs.

Is there Support and Training Available

Absolutely, there are monthly training meetings in London, Manchester (other venues coming up soon), there are extensive training via online webinars and video recordings.

There are numerous Facebook and other Social Media sites where training is conducted, and all the help and support you need is provided.

Various members have their own system to train and support those they have referred into the business; however members are free to seek advice, support and training from any of the publicly available MAPs online web portals.

Members outside of the UK also have access to the above in their own counties, and are welcomed to tap into the UK setup for these resources if they so wish. Indeed those that are referred by members outside their own countries do precisely that.

One of MAPs greatest strengths is the people and the strong sense community that it has forged since its inception in 2013. There is a vibrant community of members who are dedicated, committed, and are always willing to offer help, support and give direction at any time, in their own time for free.

I hope the above has satisfactorily answered all your questions and queries, and if you are ready to come and join this awesome business, then click here to follow the simple instructions to join and open an account. If you need assistance, watch this quick tutorial video.

If however, you want to discuss the opportunity further or you want assistance with the signing up process, you can contact me by:

Skype: timedem

Mobile: 07732017105

Visit my blog:


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