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My MAPs Journey

My Advertisng Pays Journey Continues! Another Milestone Reached In My MAPs Business! I’m 50 (in The Number of Credit Packs)!

A truly wonlderful feeling as after just over three monthas I have been able to increase the number of my MAPs credit packs from the inital 20 I started with on 10th June 2014 to 50. I have achieved this in the main by reinvesting the profit share I have earned by clicking 10 adverts a day, and reinvesting that income to buy credit packs each time my available account balance reached $49.99. I am eagerly looking forward to reaching one hundred when I am realiable informed the profit share really starts to move fast!

You can see from the last post I did in September that just as the number of credit packs have increased, so as the profit share which as the picture below shows now stands at $1,621.36. I has taken this long to to another post becuase I wnated to hit 50 before writing another “episode”!

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I Have Reached the Big 40 in MAPs Credit Packs!

This is the bit of text on the picture below that you cannot read, I thought it would be a good idea for repost it again without the picture so it’s legible and also so you do not miss out on the important I share there!

Hello again,

I’ve taken this screen shot today 5th September 2014 (UK) to show that I’m just on the verge of reaching another milestone on my MAPs journey!

That milestone is that I need just one more credit pack to reach 40 Active Credit Packs on my MAPs account. As you can see from this picture, I’m currently on 39. Reaching 40 would mean that I’ve would have double the number of credit packs I started off with, which was 20 on 10th June 2014, (simple maths eh! – lol).

Crucially, I’ve achieved this by using the Profits Share Earnings (except for $10 referral income) to purchase credit pack as soon as my Available Account Balance has reached that magic amount of $49.99 (cost of each Credit Pack)!

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Inch by Inch, Making Money with MAPs is Such a Synch!

This is the latest post of my MAPs journey and the picture shows the progress made since I last posted.

The thing to note is that I’m now on 39 credit packs and just one more away from hitting 40. Making forty will mean I have double on the twenty I started with on June 10th 2014.

You will see that I have managed to refer someone into MAPs who has bought credit packs and so earned me a $10 referral commission. This is fantastic because it means that MAPs will continue to pay me a commission every time that person buys a credit pack(s). That is just so valuable, in that I do the work once and get paid for life. That is one of the benefits of making referrals and is one of the key reasons I joined MAPs. There are so many other ways of making money with MAPs such as using the credits earned from repurchasing credit packs and click on at least ten adverts a day to promote and generate commission payments from affiliate offers.


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How I Got Started With My Advertising Pays (MAPs)

My MAPs journey began on the 8th of June 2014 when I signed up. My sponsor as it happens are Executive members of the MAPs UK team – Tony and Lynne Booth. Now, I didn’t know this when I met them for the first time, at one of the monthly meetings that MAPs presents in London.

A quick lesson here, if and when you join, don’t ignore requests for information from anyone least of all your friends. A friend of mine who has built a successful MAPs business had introduced me to MAPs after I saw it advertised on his Facebook fan page. He sent me a link asking me to check it out. I did, got back to him with questions and request for more information, he ignored me, I guess he was too busy doing all sorts to bother. I’m so glad that I didn’t lose interest, as every time I saw anything about MAPs I looked into it. It was during one of those occasions on Facebook that I came across an advert by Simon Stepsy (the top earner in MAPs) promoting the June 2014 MAPS meeting at a London Hotel. I bought my ticket and went along not really knowing what to expect except to find out what it was all about.


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