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How Is The MAP’s Business Viable?

Whilst browsing Facebook, I came across a very informative post in one of our MAP groups. One of our members decided to give a line-by-line explanation of MAP and how our business works. I have to say, I was quite impressed with his assessment so I asked him if I could share his post here and he said he didn’t mind.

This post is a good tool to use to help newcomers and veterans alike understand how our business works. The member that wrote this post is Dieter Hirsch. This is the original unedited post. Enjoy!

I would like to indicate clearly that the following statement is not one from the MyAdvertisingPays company, but that it represents solely my own personal opinion in how I view MyAdvertisingPays.

MyAdvertisingPays has the same interests as any other company. And that is to generate revenue through product sales.

That is the only way how company costs such as:
– personnel
– maintenance & care, as well as
– the profit share can be kept going.

It is logical too: no revenue no profit share!

The profit share (PS) is the name for a sharing of gains on the world-wide sales of the following described products.

The only prerequisite for participating in the profit share is to own at least one credit pack as well as clicking and viewing 10 advertising pages (text ads) per day.

As soon as you have completed those 10 clicks, no other action is necessary and you get automatically every 20 minutes a share in profits credited to your account.

The amount of the profit share is dependent on the respective number of credit packs each member owns.
The maximum limit for everyone is 1200 credit packs.
You get 1 share in profits per credit pack. Continue Reading →


What Has the Phone for U Liquidation Taught Us and How Is It Related To The Advertising Pays Business!

Ck, so today in the UK, we hear news that one of the major mobile phone retailers has gone into liquidation, meaning that potentially 5,500 people could now be without a job.

The company’s demise has come about because their major customers for whatever reason have decided not to renew their contracts. This apparently came out of the blue for the company, totally unexpected. The employees of the company have had “the rug pulled from under their feet” for no fault of their own.

If like when it happened to me, many of them will now be in a predicament, there’ll be those with mouths to feed, expensive habits to maintain, expensive wives, partners & girl friends to maintain (Lol), not to mention their basic living & livelihoods, and for many of them, it’ll be devastating news, some will be OK and would be able to cope (maybe the ones that earned extra income from building a business like My Advertising Pays, some will have rich relatives that will support them, but many more will be left destitute and in a state of flux and will find it difficult to manage, to cope and to find their next jobs. Continue Reading →


MAPS Vision Statement

At My Advertising Pays, we like to dream big. When Mark Zuckerberg co-created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room back in 2004, we imagine he had no idea how big it would be today. However, we dare to dream. We believe My Advertising Pays will make history, because never before has an Internet company been built to benefit its members before its founders. We know if we put our members first, one day we will spread our brand all across the Internet. Just like Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube, we plan to cast a large net and slowly create a paradigm shift that tips the balance of power to the users and not just the founders. We wish to shift the economics of the Internet making the days of the overpaid executive a thing of the past. My Advertising Pays pays its members first, because we know our members are the key to growing as big as we dare to dream. We invite you to dream with us, join My Advertising Pays now! Continue Reading →


MAPS Mission Statement

Millionaires and billionaires have been created in the last couple decades due to the explosion of Internet-based technology. Particularly in online advertising. But it has mostly been a handful of people who have profited. The developers and CEOs have become incredibly wealthy while the users of these technologies have simply stayed consumers and users. Continue Reading →