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My 9 month review of My Advertising Pays

Claire Hartman-James posted in MyAdvertisingPays (positiveminds)

Claire Hartman-James 4 November 12:57
My 9 month review of My Advertising Pays :-)

On Jan 28th an ad popped up in my newsfeed from Simon, I knew simon from a previous business we were both in, we had met at an event in London and I knew his brand was fairly money focused.

Up til that point the two things that had held me back were my own issues and beliefs about money and my own self worth and having a system others could easily duplicate.

The churn in the sales & marketing industry is massive.

It’s a tough ole world at times, we all have some ‘clutter’ to deal with from ingrained beliefs and many quit before they can overcome any obstacles as results are not as instant as they hoped.

Lots spend a lot of time, money & effort and get no where fast, except overwhelmed, frustrated & often disillusioned with the whole working for yourself concept.

I get that, I struggled at times too…

However, the thing that kept me going was my mindset and working on it consistently to battle my way through, the rejection, frustration, disappointment, overwhelment, stress & mistakes.

I knew if I kept working on myself & never quit I would get there, others have so I knew I could too. I didn’t recover from mental illness in an instant and I knew ANYTHING was possible with the right attitude & action.

So, in January I got over my last fear, the fear of success & wealth.

I learnt that by offering unconditional value to helping others succeed I would too, I learnt to recognise my feelings and shift them into alignment then take inspired action, I learnt that this way my results were effortless and life became more enjoyable.

I learnt to slow down, I learnt to listen, I learnt to appreciate what I had already.

All the time taking consistent action for change.

So, here’s my review 9 months later, my results are not typical this has been a 4 year journey of discovery and worry every minute.

MAPS is such a simple system, anyone can follow it and get results with or without building a team, as everyone that takes action by buying at least one credit packs makes money the ‘churn’ is extremely low and the duplication high.

The best part?

This is only the start…

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