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How I have Earned $300 & Banked $2,100 In 4 Days From My Advertising Pays

Claire Hartman-James posted in MyAdvertisingPays (positiveminds)

Claire Hartman-James 20 November 19:00

Been a great happy MAPPY day today, $300 in referral commissions already and profit shares paying out nicely, banked another $400 whilst maintaining 1200 and balance already $200 again. ($2100 to bank in 4 days)

(Check site for full income disclosure results vary dependant on action taken, mine are NOT typical)

If you need a reason to reach 1200 credit packs or share with others to get referrals let this be it. Pinch me it’s happening and it’s only going to get bigger and better, this is just the start.


I’m no guru online, I’ve a year and a bits experience I’ve worked offline networking with mixed results for 4 years. I don’t work all the hours, I have 2 young children and go to the gym 3/4 times a week. I love my sleep and my cut off is midnight nowadays latest.

I am however consistent & bold.

I’ve worked on myself daily, listening to audios, reading books, looking after my health & wellness & learning about the law of attraction & working in alignment taking massive creative action when I’m feeling at my best. I’ve read a tonne of books, I meditate daily too or listen to hypnosis audios. I watch very limited TV and never watch or read the news. I’ve also distanced myself from certain people or situations of negativity.

I’ve learnt loads, I’ve made loads of mistakes, I’ve pushed my comfort zones and worked on my weakness’s and limiting beliefs.

ANY of you can do this.

It’s not always easy, it is however simple if your willing to make changes & sacrifices and help others along the way.

The more you give the more you get back.

Have a blessed day, I’m feeling very grateful to all right now especially Simon my mentor, my hubby for his love and support, Mike Deese for maps and my awesome team for having belief in both myself & maps.


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