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Make Money in the Next Hour then every 20 minutes 7 days per week Guaranteed? (even while you sleep)!

Ridiculous Right? WRONG!

Today people from all walks of life are able to profit just like the giants that operate within the $365 billion a year online paid advertising industry do! These are the likes of Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, You Tube and Yahoo to name a few!

Here’s how you can now start to level the playing field and grab a slice of the “action” with the support and resources of a relatively new entrant into the industry, with its innovative approach, it’s already got the giants to sit up and take notice, see MAPs Alexa rankings here!

You too can do this and get paid a “slice of the pie”, just by clicking a mouse? Yes you might be skeptical, but hopefully curious too! Like you, I too thought at first that it was too good to be true, that there was a catch, so if you’re thinking the same, I can relate to that!

However, if I point out to you that the people who promote the businesses for the “giants” are YOU and I to a large extent, you will start to appreciate what I’m sharing with you here. I also think you’ll agree that it would be reasonable and fair to expect to be rewarded for helping the “giants” create value and build wealth for themselves and their shareholders, right? But guess who gets all the rewards and get rich from our endeavours? I don’t know about you, but it’s not me! I know who does, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, yes them, the giants, the behemoths of the online paid adverting industry!

Now Imagine if there was a company with a similar set up that PAID YOU and I to click on the advertising on its website, and in doing so you get paid (for doing what you already do without being paid or rewarded), would that be of interest to you? Yes of course it would, it would be awesome, amazing right? Well, My Advertising Pays (MAPs) is such a company, not only is it setting standards, it has created a revolution in the way people make money online.

It’s free to join and at no cost. After joining, purchase advertising credit packs (I purchased 20 to start with as I wanted at least a modest start),

You then login into you newly created account, click on 10 adverts on the MAPs advertising platform (this takes about 10 minutes), and get PAID (within the HOUR), guaranteed.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

You’ll then continue to be paid Up to 72 times daily – the system pays out every 20 minutes as a result of the profit share! No fluff, no hype!!

Building a business with MAPs is Simple, Easy and Fast.

All you do is…


In short…

“It’s Impossible Not To Make Money!”

Here’s how to get started…

  • This instant step by step videos will guide you through signing up process. Click here to get started
  • Once you have your account set-up you’ll get a welcome email from me with further instructions

Question and Answer

With over two years of online marketing experience, I have become adept at knowing what works and what really makes money online and what doesn’t.

I get pitched on multiple opportunities each and every day, I don’t look at each and every one, and when I do, I have a check list that an opportunity has to tick all the boxes. Most of them fail as they do no tick all the boxes, however, every now and then, a gem comes through that I can’t ignore and simply have to check out! That’s how I recently came across MAPs, and it passed the test with “flying colours”.

Watch These Fast Start Training Videos, and get started!


I’m already making money every twenty minutes!!

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, and you’re not sure you can do it, SAY Yes, then learn how to do it later”

– Richard Branson

If you want to talk about any aspect of MAPs,  you can contact me here!

Know that doing this “Inch by Inch, Makes it a Synch”


Tim Edem